Prepar 3D V4!

Lockheed Martin has Finnally Announced P3D V4!

Ever since I was about 7 years old I "flew" with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I was the gold standard for Flight Simulation for many years and people are happily using it up to present day, flying across the planet happily. Yes its not perfect and OOM errors are still an issue, the fps is appalling considering the performance of modern day games, yet FSX has occupied a very special spot in the community and in fact my heart. Additionally the Flight Sim industry has not made much progress in the past years, since the newest version (V3.4) of P3D is still based on the 32bit FSX and Xplane lacks my favourite addons and is in generally less of an allrounder. This is the reason why I have in fact stuck with FSX for nearly a decade and never saw the need to switch over to P3D.

Until 20 hours ago.

"Lockheed Martin is proud to announce that the next generation of simulation and training will start on May 30, 2017 with the public release of Prepar3D v4."

Oh yes: after some rumor and mystery Lockheed Martin have announced P3D V4. Of course no details are named but: "dynamic lighting, rain/snow particles, global 3D trees, a fully reworked software development kit (SDK)" are certain. And yes, it will be 64bit.

As it stands we can not say much currently, but I am very excited to say the least. Let's all hope this will finally bring change to the dinosaur age of Flight Simulation.

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